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White House: System Criticism now considered TERRORISM

Thanks to Qanon, the controlled opposition, the hate speakers and their fanatical followers, now everyone who criticizes...

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New World Order is Fact, not Conspiracy Theory

On the one hand, this topic is always ridiculed when it comes from people who warn of a world government, but on the oth...

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World Peace means: TOTAL WAR BEFORE the New World Order!

World peace is the opposite of peaceful life on earth, but it first means total war! Now is THE MOMENT to realize tha...

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Don Trump 100% PRO New World Order

Anyone who claims otherwise is either in the same club and lies, or completely ignorant and clueless what is really goi...

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New World, ORDER out of CHAOS!

A topic that has been mentioned a lot, but rarely really precisely addressed and also not WHERE WE are at the moment in ...

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New Documents Confirm PlanicFearDemic

New documents confirm this planning of panic and fear pandemic! As has been exposed here since January, more and more...

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Don’t GET PLAYED by the Black and White GAME! WarUponLife

There is no black or white in nature / life / reality! How there is no "good or bad", "positive or negative" without ju...

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Q Anonites Partners in Crime of Jesuit Trump, NWO Agenda

Q Anon(ites) don't trust “The Plan” at all! Otherwise they wouldn't have to promote their Cabalistic Mantra’s all...

4,657 ► Views • 1 Year

New World Order PLAN Revealed Publicly

There is no more excuse for nobody, refusing to realise the reality of the preparation of this New/One World/Global Orde...

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TRUE! There is no police violence in a state governed by the rule of law

Here is the whole video: Protests lead to Revolution and World Order https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jKu6fVz39FU Ma...

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Protests lead to Revolution and World Order

More and more protests Worldwide and more and more protesters calling for Revolution, without realizing where revolution...

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Yellow Jackets - Submission toward Revolution

A Revolution towards the New World Order. Yellow Jackets (Gilets Jaune) is a fully governmental created psychological op...

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